31 August 2007

Steroids and Sports

Sports organizations worldwide are concerned with their athletes using performance-enhancing substances. The Tour de France, the NFL, NBA, MLB, all of them. And all of them have had some kind of confrontation with significantly important individuals within their organizations: Lance Armstrong, Barry Bonds, Mark MacGwire, etc. I am worried too, actually. Many of these individuals are heroes, role models for young people everywhere. What kind of damage can be done by such role models who use or abuse controlled substances? Incalculable.

However, I am baffled by the news from the Associated Press. World Wrestling Entertainment has suspended 10 wrestlers for using steroids. Wow. 10, huh? 10 whole wrestlers.

I suspect that there are more. And you know what?


The important thing about pro wrestling is the posturing, the taunting, the jibes, not the jabs.

They are an ENTERTAINMENT organization.

They may be fit. They may be muscled. Ripped. Built. Pumped.

But no one cares if they use steroids, because the contests are not real. The contests are staged, scripted, planned.

The only reason it is important for the "wrestlers" to be fit is to put on a good show. And for that, who cares if they ruin their lives and bodies by injecting steroids, who cares if they "dope?" If that makes a better show, do it. If "'roid rage" makes the bad guy more hateful, go for it.

I would never opine that you should not watch wrestling on television. Watch what you want. but when a corporation like WWE tries to be serious, I have a hard time even wanting to call their performers "athletes."

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