20 July 2007

What are they thinking?

So, I was watching late night television, folding laundry. I do that on occasion.

They have the stupidest commercials on late night television. I went through a whole day a week or so ago, with the jingle for Enzyte(r) Natural Male Enhancement Formula running through my mind. Let me tell you, that hurt. But not as bad as seeing "Smilin' Bob" in my mind's eye. EWWWWW!

But the worst ones are the ones for dating services. You know the ones: You meet the nicest guys, and they're all local, and it's FREE TO TRY!!!

Umm. Yeah. Does anyone else see the problem here?

This is a recipe for disaster.

Can anyone else say, "meat market?"

Criminently, people. There are thousands of perverts, rapists, and sexual predators out there in every area of the country. And here they are asking girls (and guys--I am an equal opportunity cynic) to give away their personal information over the phone. They even stress that everyone is local. Jeez! There are warnings all over the place about not giving away personal information over the internet, not responding to phishing schemes, and God forbid that anyone should ever volunteer to help out any Nigerian prince launder money. But here they are telling everyone that it's OK if you're local. That just makes it easier for the predator to find his or her victims. There is even one that specifically shows guys being invited over to the girls' home, and all the girls can say is, "I bet they're just as cute as the last 'Red Hot' guys." This type of scenario almost gives credence to the argument put forward by some sleazebag rapists that "she was askin' for it." (Almost. I said almost. Rape is rape. It is never right. No woman EVER asks for it. Please don't give me hate mail.) But seriously, how many of you would ever invite strangers to your home? I hope no one I know is that stupid.

But enough of that. How was your day?

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19 July 2007

So Much for my New Year's Resolutions

I haven't published anything since 31 March. Wow.

I guess I better get on the stick.