02 January 2007

Happy New Year

So, 2007 is here.

New Year's Eve is always a little anticlimactic, for me. I mean, we spend the evening partying (such as it is) with friends and family, and then, the proverbial ball drops. Then what?

Some party poppers, fireworks, toasts, kissing my beloved, blah, blah, blah. Then, I wake up the next morning. The only plus there is that since I don't drink, at least I can't be hung over.

But what does the new year really mean?

Resolutions. That's what.

I hereby resolve the following:

1. Lose weight. Lots of it. (Seriously, I need to.)
1a. Get back in shape. This is merely a sub-resolution, as part of losing weight is a fitness and exercise regimen. I realize that this seems trite, canned or unoriginal, but if the shoe fits, I say put it on your stupid foot, even if it's ugly. Not that I care about what my shoes look like.

2. Read my scriptures every day. Every day. At least something from Holy Writ.

3. Never, never never, take my family for granted. I have seen many examples in recent times of people I know losing family members to death, bad life choices, or other circumstances which preclude being with them. I love my children and wife too much to do that. I will hug each of them every day, and tell them I love them.

4. Did I mention Lose Weight?

5. Write something for others to read at least every week. I recently was introduced to a writing form of extreme short stories. These stories are 55 words or less. Fun stuff! Perhaps I will post my first attempt at this genre here.

This list is not nearly comprehensive. I am going to be refining it in the coming days, and throughout the year.

I hope you all are doing something like this, though. Good luck, and God Bless You all.