21 April 2006

Woman Charged in Protest Against Hu?

Associated Press, WASHINGTON - A woman accused of heckling Chinese President Hu Jintao during a White House appearance this week was charged Friday in federal court with a misdemeanor of willfully intimidating, coercing, threatening and harassing a foreign official.

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Let me get this straight.

The president of China, which is the last bastion of pure communism of any import on the planet, and one of the most infamous countries in the world when it comes to violating human civil rights, comes to Washington D.C. He has a speech to give. He is in the United States, the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave. He starts his speech. A woman begins to heckle him, saying things like, "Stop killing the Falun Gong," and "Your time is running out." (The Falun gong is a religious sect in China, outlawed by the communist government.) So, she is arrested.

Wait. Isn't this the land of the free? How is it that Hu's security could arrest this woman in the United States?

What's that? What's that you say? She was not arrested by Chinese Security, but rather by the United States Secret Service? Ah! I see now.

Wait. No I don't. I don't see at all.

I don't see why the United States is even being polite to this man, this purveyor of hypocrisy, this promoter of evil in the world. His country is one of the most despicable nations in the world. I still remember seeing Chinese tanks roll over the protesters in Beijing. I remember the lying and thieving that this country has perpetrated against MY country.

This woman has been arrested for willfully intimidating, coercing, threatening and harassing a foreign official. What is HE guilty of? Why can't action be taken against him?

Because he is a DIPLOMAT. A head of State. He deserves special consideration.

Why are we kowtowing to him, when we should be demanding explanations at the very least?

And most of all, why are we allowing this woman, who only wants to be free in her own country, be charged with a crime in our country, when we allow hundreds of thousands of Mexican Illegal Immigrants go scot-free?

You know, a little consistency would be nice.